Charter Guest Feedback

These are complete comments received from 2012 charters…the good and the bad. Please note that the fleet does change from year to year, so not all boats listed here are still in the fleet and not all boats currently in the fleet may be listed here.
Date Boat Chartered Was staff helpful? Cleanliness of Boat? Overall Experience? Comments and Suggestions
06/25/2012 Ad Libitum 5 5 5  
08/25/2012 Ad Libitum 5 5 5 The boat was in very good condition, and with the exception of the problem with deploying the mainsail, we were very satisfied with it.  Because we had only two people aboard, we had, barely, enough room for our gear and food.  I don't know how four people could manage on the boat for a week.    Here are a few suggestions:    1. Put some foam padding or at least yellow and black warning tape on the aluminum bar on the dodger above the companionway.  We hit our heads on it more times than we should and sometime it really hurt.  I needed a hardhat more than a life jacket.    2. We could have used better information in advance and at check-out on how to operate the chart plotter.    3. Provide people with advance information about how to charge a cellphone while aboard.  We figured out it can't be done unless the boat was plugged into shore power.    4. Add something in the boat's manual about how and when to use the battery charger on the AC panel.    5. Add advice about when to use the refrigerator.  For instance, should we leave it on at night? We used it when running on the diesel, when sailing during the day, and when on shore power.  We turned it off at night.    6. The rudder amidships position on the whee was not correctly marked.  Neither the fancywork nor what seemed to be a band-aid corresponded to rudder amidships.    7.  The yarn telltales on the main have a tendency to catch on the sail stitching and stick in place.    8. We couldn't hear the VHF or talk on it when the diesel was running.  It was too noisy.  Is there a way on this boat to take the VHF into the cockpit?  This should be better covered in the owner's notes and in the check-out.    Finally, Roger might strike a better balance in his safety talk between the great sailing in the San Juans and the dangers.  His talk focused so heavily on all the bad things that could happen (rocks, shoals, reefs, deadheads, pots, and more) that we seriously questioned whether we should even take the boat out of the marina.  We overheard another charterer say that if he'd had the safety brief before he sent in his money, he wouldn't have sent in his money.  Roger might try to conclude his talk on an upbeat note.
05/26/2012 Ad Libitum 4 4 5 It was very helpful to be able to conduct the boat checkout before the skipper's meeting.
07/07/2012 Ad Libitum 5 5 5 Mast in furling got stuck a lot . This was our first time with this system, so that could be the reason. Did anyone find an I shuffle on board?
07/20/2012 Ad Libitum 5 4 5 Marking 'danger' areas on charts was a great idea. Safety and Orientation were helpful.  Thanks
09/08/2012 Ad Libitum 5 5 5 This was our first charter and it was awesome!  See you guys next year!  :o)
09/15/2012 Ad Libitum 5 5 5 The staff and boats are always tops at San Juan Yachting
09/22/2012 Ad Libitum 5 5 5  
05/19/2012 Argonaut 5 5 5 We loved the whole thing - people, orientation and materials provided, boat, rainy weather, sunny weather, islands and natural beauty, wildlife.  Keep up the great work you all do.
06/06/2012 Argonaut 5 5 5 I've noticed many of your guests provision their boats as we do and then sample restaurants ashore.  We observed that on check-in Friday that the huge dumpster near our dock was full of food that couldn't be packed for the trip home.  You've instituted many green processes, why not work with a charity to collect this food on check in day.  The availability of food could be included in our pre-check-in phone call. This would be icing on an excellent operation.  Thank you for the wonderful boats and service!
07/13/2012 Argonaut 5 5 5 Without doubt the most wonderful vacation I have had!  Excellent people, thorough service, and an unbelievable boat. The pictures pale in comparison.
07/14/2012 Argonaut 5 5 5 Skippers meeting was excellent.  Mike Anderson did a great job of filling in gaps in our knowledge and experience.  It was puzzling that limitations of the head were not made clear to us.  Overall we were very pleased and hope to have the opportunity to use you again.
07/21/2012 Argonaut 5 5 4 Our boat heater was not operational during our trip.  It sort of felt like the check in from the prior charter people was behind a bit.  Would have been nice to know the heater worked.  The boat sailed very well.  Doesn't back to starboard at all.    thanks!
07/28/2012 Argonaut 5 4 5 I think your company does a great job! Suggestion, with the boat being so far away from the office it might be nice to offer assistance to load and off load gear. Bathrooms near Argonaut's slip were always locked.    We would definitely charter her again!!    David and Candy
08/17/2012 Argonaut 5 5 5 The only reason I gave the boat 4 stars is that I didn't like being passed by lighter boats in light wind, and the mizzen wasn't very useful.
09/07/2012 Aristocat 4 5 5 Your staff was very helpful throughout the process.  Thank you.
09/15/2012 Aristocat 5 5 5  
08/31/2012 Aristocrat 5 5 5 We had a great time. Maybe next time a larger boat
06/23/2012 Aspen 111 5 5 5 3 years chartering with you and the crew exceeds my needs and gets better each year...thank you....
08/11/2012 Aspen Fun III 5 3 5 We really appreciated the wine. Thank You. Aspen Fun very nice riding and handling boat, especially at close in maneuvering. Staff was especially helpful. Only suggestion not given when we returned is, it might be helpful to offer a Cell Phone that works in Canada as an option. Many cell phones don't work in Canada - when I needed it most, to call about the boat - it didn't work.
08/17/2012 Aspen Fun III 5 4 4 We enjoyed the experience and felt well prepared after the orientation. We plan on doing it again!
09/07/2012 Aspen Fun III 5 5 5 Nice Operation!
07/07/2012 Catspaw 5 5 5 We only were in the boat long enough to back out of the slip before it broke!  SJS did an excellent job getting us into another boat, thanks so much to Danelle and the staff who helped us.  We'll be back!
08/03/2012 Catspaw 5 4 5 I left comments about condition of boat, pre-emptive repairs, and cleaning advice at checkout.  In my opinion, 5 stars is an exceptional grade that can be rarely attained (think of it like Michelin's three star system).
08/03/2012 catspaw 5 3 5  
08/11/2012 Catspaw 4 2 3 Take the boat for a sail to verify rigging/sails, and double check the rode to its full length.  Otherwise the boat was as expected and overall we had a good vacation.    thank you
08/18/2012 Catspaw 4 5 5 San Juan Yachting is the best company we've ever chartered from.  The safety meeting and bbq on Friday were fun and helpful.  The boat was in great condition.  The checkout process was significantly faster than checkouts we've done in the past mostly due to the owners notes (which could be condensed).  My only complaint is that my friends and I had to take the Friday before our trip off from work so that we could make it to the safety briefing on Friday and thus maximize our charter time.  It would have been more convenient if the charter period was Sunday to Saturday morning or Monday to Sunday morning.
08/25/2012 Catspaw 5 5 5 The 4's were due to the main berth heater not working and having to use the stove and heating buddy
09/01/2012 Catspaw 5 5 5 Outstanding experience.  Thank you to San Juan Yachting for your great support.  Our entire crew had a terrific vacation with excellent sailing.  The Catspaw fit us perfectly!         Kalle
06/15/2012 Cecilia 5 5 5  
07/06/2012 Cecilia 5 5 4  
07/14/2012 Cecilia 5 5 5 Great job
07/21/2012 Cecilia 4 4 4 The sail drive transmission leaked oil and there was a pool of oil to be cleaned up when we arrived and looked at the engine.  Your maintenance supervisor said later that he knew all about it, but the maintenance tech who showed up Saturday morning didn't know about it and I wasn't told, so there was a disconnect somewhere.
08/10/2012 Cecilia 5 5 5 You're the best. Just keep doing what you're doing!
08/21/2012 Cecilia 5 5 5 Mike Anderson was great.  We had a great time.  We were well treated.  Thank you!
09/01/2012 Cecilia 5 5 5  
04/14/2012 Chinook 5 5 5  
05/26/2012 Chinook 5 5 5 You're the best!
06/16/2012 Chinook 5 5 5  
07/21/2012 Chinook 5 4 5  
08/11/2012 Chinook 5 5 5 The 3 of us had a great time and sailing experience.  I know you rely on some charter guest feed back as to how the boat or it's systems worked, however in my case I think the small changes that I mentioned would of been mentioned before from other chartered guest but they either didn't notice them or that didn't know how something in-particular should work, especially if the boat was in use the weeks leading up to my charter.  In particular I'm talking about the minor issues related to the sailing of the vessel which I would think any sailor would have mentioned before.  Chinook either had to big of a mainsheet or the clutch was to small for the line because it had to be fed through the clutch to release the mainsheet pressure something which required going forward to the clutch and pulling the sheet forward of the the clutch almost every-time.  Overall is was a minor thing although as much as we sailed 185 NM and coming back into bellingham only putting 10.9 gallons of diesel in it was something that had to be done a lot.  Also, minor but a nuisance was the pelican hooks on the port-side lifelines were especially tuff to open in particular the lower one which we had to use a pen or screw-driver to open.  Again minor but something I would think other guests would have reported before since these things don't just happen overnight, if not your mechanical/rigging crew would notice this and make the changes.  Just a few observations but we will for sure be back and had a great overall experience.      Thank you  Todd
09/15/2012 Chinook 5 5 5  
07/21/2012 Escape 5 5 5  
08/05/2012 Escape 5 5 5 We were very impressed with the quality of service and instruction through your company. We really enjoyed out time on the boat and will be back!
08/11/2012 Escape 5 5 5 This was a fantastic vacation!  What a wonderful yacht you have.  Shades in the Salon would have made sitting in there during our warm sunshiney days a little more enjoyable.  That was only a very small portion of our week but everyone agreed it would have been worthwhile.  Thanks for having your yacht available for the yachting public.  Owen & Amy
08/11/2012 Escape 4 5 5 Assure the holding tank is "really" empty.  Our's was 1/2 full.  But overall, fantastic boat, staff, & trip.  Thanks so much.
09/01/2012 Escape 5 5 5  
09/15/2012 Escape 5 5 5 Excellent experience.  Escape was a wonderful boat; perfect for the 6 of us.
09/15/2012 Escape 5 5 5  
  Escape 5 5 5 Clarify engine water strainer cleaning instructions.  Correlate written instructions with oral instructions on engine coolant level requirements.  Battery level seemed to drop rather soon, even when running engine.  Maybe this is my lack of experience with type of boat.  Keep in mind, we had a great tome.  These comments are just how you would get this to perfect and perfect in boating is difficult to accomplish.  Steve
06/06/2012 Esprit de Mer 5 5 5 Overall, VERY pleased with the boat, but see the "call-in" sheet for a number of relatively minor issues that keep it from being Five Stars.
08/18/2012 Esprit de Mer 5 5 5 Great people at San Juan Yachting!  Everyone was very genuine and helpful.  Roger and Marlene made all of our crew feel that they really care and wanted us to have a wonderful vacation.    It is really difficult to provide any suggestions because SJS does such a good job!  I do have a couple of ideas to consider:  Add a form on the San Juan Yachting site for charterer's to be able to fill out ahead of time for the crew information and destinations.  It would save the skipper time from tracking down the crew members to get information after the meetings.  Possibly make a video about San Juan Sailing and the San Juan/Gulf Islands and place it on the website.  It would give those unfamiliar about sailing and the islands why they should use SJS and sail the islands.  Examples of two sailing videos:  and   Thanks again for a memorable vacation!  Bruce
08/24/2012 Esprit de Mer 5 5 5  
09/08/2012 Esprit de Mer 5 5 5 Wonderful boat, perfectly equipped.  Only one thing: compared to luxury equipment, the safety equipment can't keep up I think. No life raft (well, except dinghy), old life vest (some with used CO2 cartridges) and no lifelines!    Staff was very friendly and very helpful!  Good safety briefing.  Efficient management with the sail repair.    Overall: best boat I've chartered so far.
09/22/2012 Esprit De Mer 5 5 5  
07/28/2012 Eye Sea Forever 5 5 5  
05/26/2012 Firefly 5 5 5 comment: It was everything I hoped for (except the auto-pilot) and I had a great time & learned what I needed to learn.  thanks, L D A
06/06/2012 Firefly 5 5 5 Thank you for your personal concern about our charter.  We always felt we could ask a question. We felt your concern was not only for the boat but for a fun vacation for us.  Your safety tips and orientation really helped.  We are on for next year!! Thanks!!!
06/06/2012 Firefly 5 5 5 As first timer charterers we didn't know the process of orientation and the details of when we could move in our gear. More information in that area would of been helpful. Otherwise everyone was very helpful and gracious. You have an exceptional company. We couldn't possibly be happier. This was a wonderful bonding experience for our family. We will be reserving for next year soon.   Thanks.    Mark and Mary
06/15/2012 Firefly 5 5 5 We will be back!
07/14/2012 Firefly 5 5 5  
07/28/2012 Firefly 5 5 5 The safety and orientation workshops were helpful and effective. We had some trouble with the dinghy outboard motor flooding, which is a motor I  have had trouble with elsewhere.
08/12/2012 Firefly 4 5 4  
09/01/2012 Firefly 4 3 4 The galley sink was draining slow all week (I'm not sure if this is normal and forgot to mention it during debrief).  Cleanup seemed rushed and we didn't get on the boat until around 9PM so the checkout was done in twilight. The salon cushions were full of sand and didn't seem to have been vacuumed. I was very impressed with the safety briefing and found it very useful since this was my first time in the San Juan's.
09/08/2012 Firefly 5 4 5 A trash bag from the previous charter was still aboard. The outboard did not work (low oil?), there was no outboard manual or oil aboard. Boat overall was great, staff and organization was exceptional.
09/15/2012 Firefly 5 5 5 The only thing that needs improvement is the navigator GPS at the wheel.  It did not match the one at the table below deck.  The one below went down to .75 NM while the one on deck wouldn't go below 3 NM in some areas. You can't see rocks on the chart at 3 NM.  My iiPad app was much better.  I use the iNavX app.  Good have a great charter business.  The required meeting is excellent .  Thanks.
09/15/2012 Firefly 5 4 5 The thoroughness of your crew briefing is very much appreciated. Everyone on the SJS staff with whom we've had contact (two years chartering now) has been wonderfully helpful and friendly. One complaint about the boat: Its chartplotter is so non-intuitive, overcomplicated and uncooperative that it's virtually useless. Our iPad charts and nav program (plus the good ol' paper charts) were much more informative, and they were what we relied on.
05/25/2012 first kiss 5 5 5 Everything met or exceeded our expectations except the wind and the weather. Can you do anything about that?
06/01/2012 First Kiss 5 5 5  
08/04/2012 First Kiss 5 5 5 Can't wait to come sailing again! Thank you!
08/11/2012 First Kiss 5 5 5 You guys did great in providing the boat exactly as I could have hoped.  Great service, boat in great condition, no problems!!  (I almost NEVER use exclamation points two at a time!)
09/22/2012 First Kiss 5 5 5 First Kiss was our fourth or fifth charter over 40' and the most organized, equipped, and "shipshape". The other boats were all top notch which makes the First Kiss experience all the more noteworthy. We salute the owner and SJS for their exemplary preparation and maintenance.
09/08/2012 Florian 5 5 5 Keep up the excellent work!
09/23/2012 FLORIAN 4 5 5  
08/25/2012 Florian 32 ft Nordic Tug 5 5 5 We chartered out of Anacortes and Bellingham for 20 years...San Juan Yachting has proven to be the most organized, efficient and safety-conscious charter company we've used.  Boat selection and quality is excellent!  Thank you,  Dana & Rhianna
06/30/2012 Free Spirit 4 5 5 Would have been more convenient if boarding on Friday could have been earlier since boat was not chartered previous week.
08/04/2012 free spirit 5 5 5 staff person assigned to boat orientation was filling in for another person and did not seem to be familiar w boat
09/08/2012 Free Spirit 5 5 5 Thanks for making our sail terrific!!!!
09/15/2012 free spirit 4 3 4 you people are great.  thanks
05/19/2012 Gray Goose 5 5 5 We always look forward to getting a new cap but no cap this year. Bummer.   We had a great trip on a wonderful boat.  Tx,  Doug
06/09/2012 Grey Goose 4 5 5 We had an issue with the batteries not holding a charge and called the staff to discuss but did not receive a return call. Upon return I was told they called but I did not have a missed call or a voice mail. The battery issue did not detract from an overall great experience.
07/06/2012 Grey Goose 4 5 4 Everyone was very nice.  The Friday skippers' meeting was great, the best we've seen.  On the other hand, where we chartered before seemed to have a more organized process for orienting us to the boat, driven by a checklist and lead by staff extremely familiar with the particular boat.
08/24/2012 Grey Goose 5 5 5  
09/15/2012 Grey Goose 5 5 5 A great boat, easy to handle and fun to cruise in--all the comforts of home!  :)  Once again we had a wonderful week, great weather and the opportunity to visit new islands.  We only had three concerns:  (1)  The gauge for the holding tank, it did not seem to function properly, as it showed the same information all the time.  This prompted us to 'clean out' two times, but the gauge never seemed to change. (2)  Upon our return, after filling both tanks to the top with fuel, one of the tanks would not register 100%, however looking into the fill pipe, the diesel was only a few inches below the fuel fill pipe. But we knew that no more fuel could be added.  (3)  The gas guage on the dinghy also never read full; but we felt that migh have been due to the pressure mechanism built into gas fuel tanks today (I never can fill up my gas can for the lawn mower as the gas nozzle just turns off).  But all in all nothing spoiled our wonderful week or dimished our appreciation for San Juan Yachting, we recommend you to everyone!  And, by the way, the BBQue was a treat this year, thanks so much. :)
09/22/2012 Grey Goose 5 5 5  
07/06/2012 Hale Kai 5 5 5 Thoroughly enjoyed the trip
07/06/2012 Hale Kai 5 5 5 Everything was great!  We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and loved the boat!    Thanks!  Heidi
08/10/2012 Hale Kai 5 5 5 None
08/11/2012 Hale Kai 5 4 5 Love the friendly and helpful staff.  I wish the Friday evening briefing could be condensed a bit, but I also understand the importance of it.  This was our second year chartering and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Very confident in the quality of boat we will receive and the fantastic staff that is always willing to accommodate any needs.  Terrific operation!
09/07/2012 Hale Kai 5 5 5 Comment on new lighting instructions for the oven were passed along to SJS on check in.  Oh!  Needed a Canadian burgee to be perfectly proper on our overnight stay in Canada.  Our partner boat had a spare for us to use.
08/03/2012 Hale Kai 5 5 5 1.Since we had to be at the Captains meeting, it would have nice if we could have had access to the boat sooner than 7:15.  2. We encountered several mechanical challenges:  oven pilot light would not ignite and the lighters were empty, one of the propane tanks was empty so we had to change over the connecters, and lastly the water pump system circuit breaker died and we had to repair it.  It's a good thing that my boyfriend, the captain, is very mechanical.
09/15/2012 Hale Kai 5 5 5 Great service and a wonderful staff! Thanks for all your hard work to make our week so enjoyable.  Mark
07/13/2012 Argonaut 5 5 5 Best vacation I have ever had!  I loved sailing in Argonaut!  Best week of my life!
06/01/2012 Harmony 4 5 5 We were a little concerned by some "phantom alarms."    It is probably time to replace damaged upholstery.    We would definitely charter from San Juan again.
06/02/2012 Harmony 5 4 5 A 'phantom alarm' which we found out after the charter was an alarm connected to nothing and no cause for alarm scared the hell out of us.  Since you maintenance person knew about this, we should have been told about it before we even left Bellingham.
06/22/2012 Harmony 4 4 4 There was one maint. Item on the boat we were not told about. It was an engine alarm that was very disconcerting and when we called the office we were told they had forgot to tell us and they didn't know why it was going off.    Also the custom clearing instructions into the US need to be clearer
07/14/2012 Harmony 4 5 4 Boat needs a REAL compass a both steering stations so you can hold a course in the fog. Waiting for the chart plotter gps to catch up to the course you're trying to hold makes you have to tack your way along your course. Oh, and what happens when the chart plotter quits working and visibility is low? If the boat had a compass I could plot it on the paper chart but since it doesn't, there would be a good chance of hitting something.
07/28/2012 Harmony 5 4 5 The master head smelled, not sure where the smell was coming from.  Overall not an issue. We had a wonderful time.  Thank you
08/03/2012 Harmony 3 5 5 A better check-out would have been helpful.  Full review of all systems would have offset some issue.  We loved the boat and our experience with SJS&SJY!
08/04/2012 Harmony 4 5 5 Every checkout should include starting the grill and walking through the dingy launch procedure.
08/16/2102 Harmony 5 4 5 A few little maintenance items that should be taken care of and the mast head smelled like pee.   Otherwise a great boat in good condition and a wonderful support staff.   Thank you.
09/01/2012 Hawthorne Bay 5 5 5 Continue to maintain your "High Standard" of service. We love your crew!  Penny and Delbert
06/01/2012 Hele Mai 5 5 5 If I could, I'd give the boat 6 stars.  It's too bad Hele Mai is being sold, or we'd certainly enjoy her again.    And Clint Najera was just awesome.  I couldn't imagine a better instructor.   Thank you, and with our without Hele Mai, I'm sure we'll be back.
06/08/2012 Hele Mai 5 5 5 Will be back
07/28/2012 Hele Mai 5 5 5 Awesome as always, thanks for another GREAT vacation!
07/14/2012 Hula Kai 5 5 5  
09/15/2012 Hula Kai 4 5 5 I asked for two extra bath towels, was told no.  Ouch... two women pissed off at me...  The extra stern line was not on the reel... stuffed in aft locker... that's where I left it.  After we got home and talked about it we are sure it was not filled with fuel, holding tank not pumped out, and it was a good thing your staff filled the water tank before we left.  The first time we heeled over 15-20 deg the forward head filled the bathroom with waste.  Again... Pissed off wife...OUCH.  Kurt
07/07/2012 Hunter Island Escape 5 5 5 Chart plotter instructions were not helpful and did not really explain how to get back to the display screen after adjusting settings.  Reviewed the manual as well and found it not helpful.  A "cheat sheet" giving simple instructions on that which is a most used function would be most helpful.  The depth alarm continued to go off in very deep water which was extremely annoying and distracting.  When we looked to see if we had set any type of alarm, we had not but the alarm continued to go off every minute or so.  Other than that, it was a great boat.
07/20/2012 Illuminati 5 3 4 When we got the boat there was a fishy smell that we thought was just the sea. But after getting out the crab trap on the second or third day we found old, rotten, dried-up crab bait still in the secondary basket and on the floor of the back cubby. That was pretty disgusting. Actually, I was the one who discovered it and only by pulling out the second, plastic crab chum holder (there were two and we were only using the metal one, so it was purely by chance that it was discovered).  I can tell you that watching grey chunks of rotting, fish-like chunks fall on your toes is one of the least appetizing things I've seen and that's saying something coming from a dad who'd changed diapers. Bleargh.     I gave a three star rating for the mechanical condition of the boat since the inverter died and we had to buy one. Everything else was pretty good.     Suggestion: Advise people not to go to Roche until they sand their docks. The splinters there were terrible and would get stuck in lines.
07/06/2012 illumine 4 4 5 Barbeque needs rejuvenation.... never really gets hot enough.  Oven does not heat past 225 degrees?
07/06/2012 Illumine   5 4 Our checkout experience was not good. however, the rest of the experience was excellent.
07/20/2012 Illumine 5 5 5  
08/10/2012 Illumine 5 5 5 Thanks for being pro-active before my charter, reminding me to be prepared for certain steps in the process, and for your overall great service!
08/18/2012 Illumine 5 5 5 Fantastic experience!
09/01/2012 illumine 5 5 4 The main sail always got stuck in the furling mast. Probably needs fixing.  Other than that, everything was terrific.
09/15/2012 Illumine 5 5 5 Great experience.  This was our first time visiting / sailing in Pacific Northwest, and we'll definitely be back.  And we'll request the same boat.  Very well maintained boat, probably best equipped boat I've  chartered in the last 5 years.  Owners obviously very involved.  Owner's notes very helpful.    Only negative about the trip had nothing to do with the boat - but the marina.   One men's shower?  For a marina with hundreds of boats?   On our boat we had 5 guys who wanted to shower before leaving in the morning, so we got in line with the other 10 people, each holding their towel and soap...kind of ridiculous.   Please pass along to marina office that another shower facility is badly needed.   Second, there was a long line for fuel on the return.  Any way to avoid that?   Certain time of day?    Otherwise, great office staff, great boat, great orientation.
07/06/2012 Illuminé 3 5 5 This year's checkout left us wondering if we wouldn't have been better off without the run through.  (She indicated that she had had 45 minutes on the boat.)  However, in 7 charters with you, we have always been pleased with your customer service, the condition of the boats, and fabulous vacations in the San Juan and Gulf Islands.  Illuminé was a new boat for us and we really liked its sailing characteristics and handling.
09/08/2012 Illumine 4 4 4 We liked boat but the main roller furling was problematic and we spent a lot of time trying to get sail in and out. Would charter boat again but only if that problem is fixed. Otherwise a very well equipped and maintained boat
04/28/2012 Inception 5 5 5 Staff was very professional, friendly and helpful.  Even the weather was great.  Thanks
08/11/2012 Inception 5 5 5 The whole experience was very positive, the staff was extremely professional and helpful.
05/26/2012 Island Escape 5 5 5 Our flotilla experience was awesome!  Weather could have been better, but can't complain about the boat or San Juan Yachting!
06/08/2012 Island Escape 5 5 5 Kudos to SJS! Rich Fitzpatrick is an awesome instructor, we had a great experience, thank you
06/16/2012 Island Escape 5 5 5  
07/21/2012 Island Escape 5 5 5 This was our 3rd charter with you and I have no issues that you could improve on. In regard to the boat, a "Johnny Hook" would have been helpful on this boat for picking up moorings.
07/28/2012 Island Escape 5 5 5  
08/03/2012 joie de vie 3 5 4  
06/16/2012 Joie de Vivre 5 5 5 Our first time chartering with you and we will be back next year.     Great Boat- Great People- Great Experience.
07/28/2012 Joie de vivre 5 5 5  
09/08/2012 Joie de Vivre 5 5 5 1. Assign a person to check each system aboard prior to the boat going out, maybe only needed for power boats.  Cooper Charters in Sidney does this.  Their check list includes; bilge pump, water pump, macerator, sump pump, navigator instruments and lights, engine/s start up, fuel, oil, coolant, transmission, interior lights, heater, refrigerator/freezer, charger, batteries...   One fuel tank on Joie de Vivre was not full - we added $163 prior to departing.   Since our boat was not out the prior week there would of have been plenty of time to check the systems.      2. During the training class consider telling the boaters to fill fuel tanks only until the nettle points to FULL instead of filling the tank until the fuel foams out the overflow.  This would prevent fuel on the side of the boat and in the water.    3. Joie de Vivre water tank is empty at 37% full.  A visual check of the see through water tank can easily be made by lifting the starboard cockpit hatch and could be covered during check out.   An empty tank might cause the water heater to burn out.    4. A mattress pad is needed since the sheets tend to roll up at night (not form fitted) this would eliminate laying on a bare mattress that others have laid on.  A blanket is also needed, the quilt is not sufficient to keep warm.    5. Each switch on the power panel should be covered  during the check out particularly if first time on the boat.  We found the Bar BQ switch the last day (LNG) and figured out others switches along the way.
05/19/2012 Kallisto 5 5 5 Kallisto was a delight to sail. We enjoyed flying the spinnaker in light winds and the crew appreciated the etched glass gift from the boats owner.  Overall we had a great time. Thanks!
05/26/2012 Kallisto 5 5 5 Your people performed extremely well and the check-out was well done.  A failed alternator connection was found at the end of the trip which could have seriously impacted the trip if our schedule had been different.  We never anchored or moored more that one night at a time so shore power always charged up the batteries.  Thursday night before our return we were going to anchor for the second night in a row and when we realized the house battery was down to 11.7 volts we returned to Bellingham that night instead of Friday as planned.  We gave your electronics technician all the facts we had observed and he quickly fixed the problem. We are not upset about this.  This kind of thing happens and we still had a good sailing trip
06/06/2012 Kallisto 5 2 4 Very fast boat - great to sail. Cleanliness was not up to your usual standards. Interior had been cleaned, but carelessly. Exterior needed a serious scrub. Bottom had not been scrubbed and showed soft growth and a small beard.
07/14/2012 Kallisto 5 5 5 Having a 6'4" husband, he asked for a taller dodger. We loved this, our 4th charter, best. The boat was awesome and everything worked well. Spinnaker sailed great, even better without the main.  Kudos to the owners and SJS crew. Mark & Ginny
07/27/2012 Kallisto 5 5 5 You run an excellent operation.  Thanks for a great week.
08/10/2012 Kallisto 5 5 5 We were guests of my son and his family. Great time had by one and all!
08/10/2012 Kallisto 5 5 5 We had a great vacation, thank you!
08/17/2012 Kallisto 5 5 4 Had an alternator wire come loose during the trip.  Ran on batteries from Wed thru Friday.  Impressive that the batteries lasted so well.  I didn't realize they were not being charged until Thursday night. We had to turn everything off to conserve the batteries for the remaining trip home...Am glad that the electrical system was revamped on the boat this last year. Did have problems with battery capacity last year.  Would have been a significant problem if the alternator had failed any earlier than it did...Otherwise everything worked quite well.
09/14/2012 Kallisto 5 5 5 Wow, such a great experience!  The boat was gorgeous and immaculate. The staff was warm, helpful, and fun.  At first I thought the 2-hour debriefing would be overkill, but it was informative and entertaining, and 100% useful.  Couldn't come up with anything negative to say even if you offered me a million dollars to do so.  (All right, if you offered me a million to say something negative, I might say that it was odd to get one pillowcase for 3 pillows, but wow, if that's the only thing I can think of, that means it was a perfect trip.  Thank you soooo much.  Diana
09/15/2012 Kallisto 5 5 5 Only mechanical issue was the forward head macerator was not working but that did not impact our vacation.  Other than that the yacht was perfect!
09/22/2012 Kallisto 5 4 5  
06/16/2012 Killisto 5 5 5  
04/28/2012 Kipper Kite 5 5 5  
05/07/2012 Kipper Kite 5 5 5  
07/06/2012 Kipper Kite 4 4 4 Boat experienced transmission problem on second day. Owner handled repair professionally until repair completed. Otherwise, boat and service were great.
08/06/2012 kipper kite 5 5 5 continue the great work
08/10/2012 Kipper Kite 4 1 3 The apparent left-over aft head and/or leaky fittings made the aft port cabin most unpleasant and we moved the two girls to the salon due to the residual odor. The same strong fecal odor was in the port side lazarett where the discharge valve is located. Repairing the improperly rigged vang line and the dead DVD did not help. The boat is a good one overall. Too many saucers to what end? The tachometer rarely worked so I 'tuned' by ear for 2400 RPM. The check out person could not operate the helm GPS and I could not change the GPS reckoning to boat heading from 'north up'. We are not frequent sailors so the foul odors just don't excite us to try again. The rest we accept as the adventure of sailing and we don't envy the tasks of ownership. But then we did expect more for the fee - not more goodies, less problems.
08/18/2012 kipper kite 4 4 4 suggest you give a more thorough and detailed review of marine mammal rules with instructions as to what to do in the event one finds themselves in the middle of a pod.
09/01/2012 Kipper Kite 5 5 5 We had a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed the boat.  We particularly appreciated David Spencer spending two days with us.
09/08/2012 Kipper Kite 5 5 5 I didn't answer #3, since we had to be towed from Orcas Island on our last day. Boat worked fine before that. I gave detailed comments to Rick upon check in.
09/15/2012 Kipper Kite 5 5 5 Wind instrument malfunctioning caused the 4 star.  But other than that...   excellent.  see you next year.
07/26/2012 Klipper Kite 5 5 5 While the group orientation was thorough, the on-boat checkout was too brief and not hands-on enough for such a complicated vessel. We should have had the time to raise and lower sails, anchor, utilize various pumps, switches, chart plotter, refrigerator, stove, etc. Too much time was spent trying to figure procedures out.
07/14/2012 Kookabura, Island Packet 370 5 5 4 Kookabura had two maintenance issues that affected our trip. 1) Macerator pump housing screws broke off when we tried to use it. We could not use the macerator for the trip, but definitely would've liked to. 2) Aft deck shower valve leaked profusely, thus keeping us turning off the water pressure system breaker. Many gallons were wasted overboard.  Both of these problems needed to be rectified before sailing. The macerator, had it come apart, would've been a possible disaster. Closer attention to these main systems needed to be addressed.
07/21/2012 Kookaburra 5 5 5 The staff was helpful, friendly, and efficient. The boat was in excellent condition and we'd love to sail her again. The only small issues were: a broken light switch in the head and an obsolete iPod interface on the stereo. But these were small things. We loved the Kookaburra!
09/15/2012 Kookaburra 5 5 5 What a wonderful week!! The charter briefing was VERY thorough - and helpful for first timers. The boat was pristine and the sailing area (and weather) fantastic.  This trip was even better than I had hoped for.  I did a lot of research before deciding on San Juan Yachting Charters and I am very happy we went with them. Thanks to all the staff there for being so helpful!
07/03/2012 Le Chateau 5 4 5 No suggestions.  We enjoyed the charter and staffs support and instruction.   Believe that Roger is on the right track with detailed safety briefing in regards with navigation in the area.   We will certainly charter again with you again next year.
08/04/2012 Le Chateau 4 5 5 Staff was EXTREMELY helpful at the end regarding our situation from encountering a big log!  I had to get used to the stairs down to the head especially.  There was something about them that caused me to miss a step a few times.  I just might be a klutz but maybe possibly a verbal reminder about being careful on the stairs would be helpful at check out.
08/25/2012 Le Chateau 5 5 5 A great experience with a well organized program and helpful, friendly staff. We will be back.
09/01/2012 Le Chateau 5 5 5  
07/13/2012 Mariah 5 5 5 Fabulous charter and service. The boat was in mint condition but not the boat of our dreams. We will try a power cat next month. Thanks to all of your staff. Can't believe I waited 30 yes to see the San Juans. I'll be back.
07/21/2012 Mariah 5 5 5 Great charter.  Everyone extremely helpful.  Will definitely charter with SJY again.
07/27/2012 Mariah 5 5 5 We had an amazing time!
07/27/2012 Mariah 5 5 5  
  Mariah 5 5 5  
05/18/2012 Misty Blue Yonder 5 5 5 Great sailing experience and sincere customer service!
07/07/2012 misty blue yonder 4 4 4  
07/27/2012 Misty Blue Yonder 5 5 5  
08/10/2012 Misty Blue Yonder 5 4 5 Overall, really enjoyed the boat and she ran great.  San Juan Sailing does a great job which is why we keep coming back.  Below are some minor comments/suggestions:    1. Owners notes need to be updated on the bow thruster batteries only being charged while on shore power.    2. Several occasions where the auto helm was set (pressed auto) and the boat veered 10 degrees to port.    3. Would check the cushions.  They are very comfortable, but are starting to rip at the bottom and leave black marks on the fiberglass.  May need to be patched or replaced.    4. Couple of suggestions - may want to have hot water going back to the stern shower for those who shower off the back to avoid a mess in the head.  Screens for the windows - boat is great for Desolation, but a lot of bugs.  Mattresses in the front berths don't fully cover the cushions creating an edge- a piece of foam could fix it.
09/14/2012 Misty Blue Yonder 5 5 5 Had a great time and looking forward to are next adventure with you. Your staff is the greatest and we really enjoy everyone there and a special thanks to Lisa for all her help.
06/02/2012 Morning Light 4 5 4 Morning Light is a good boat but her dodger is a real in the “A”.  I have chartered several boats in the past in the San Jauns and on North.  All had dodgers, none were as hard to see where I was going as Morning Light is.    It would have been good if our check out would have been a little more knowledgeable about Morning Light.  Specific questions had her stumbling for words.    The weather was pretty rough while we were there and Thursday afternoon I saw a break in the weather so I came on into Bellingham.  The forecast was for 25knt winds Friday AM and I didn’t want to be forced to try to land your boat in that wind.  So those with me decided they wanted to just get a room rather than stay on the boat that last night.  The guy at your office gave me a list of hotels that give SJS customers a discount but as we were trying to book rooms, we heard from at least 3 of the hotels that they had no idea who you were and they gave no discount for SJS. We eventually stopped asking for it.  Just a minor irritation.    But the trip was good and we will probably be back in the future.  Dave
06/30/2012 Morning Light 3 4 3 We appreciated the orientation sessions in the classroom, but believe the instruction could be differentiated based on the expertise of the sailors. We appreciate your focus on safety.  We also believe a checklist where we initial each on-board instruction would be helpful. Our boat clearly had a previous mechanical problem that caused our engine to overheat-with 2 gallons of coolant being required after little motoring time. Our experienced skipper said he had never seen anything like that. The overheating caused us to be 3 hours behind on our Friday destination. Also, we were disappointed that we had made changes in our travel and work plans to accommodate the SJS request to arrive early on Friday for an orientation to help SJS out with staffing; yet when we arrived at the gas dock at 12:30 on Saturday due to a cultural misunderstanding, we were told, "Roger has no sympathy for you. Just get off the boat as fast as possible." I know how stressful it is when people/boats/events are late, but the way the message was delivered was out of character with the service we received in advance of the chartering, during your request that we change our plans to arrive a day early, and during our mechanical malfunction. Despite the disappointment in the end-of-trip service, we believe you have a quality business that we will recommend to others, that our dear friends the Ringeling-Stanfords use regularly and recommended to us, and intend to take additional classes and charter again, hopefully with SJS. Thank you again, Yours, Deborah
08/04/2012 Morning Light 5 5 5 Please accept my thanks for a great week. I hope to use you again.  PS. Do you supply recommendation to other Charter Services if I go to the BVI?
08/11/2012 Morning Light 5 5 5 Did tighten some loose screws at some different places. Did not find a plug for the galley sink. When sailing healing to port the bath room sink filled up and over spilled to the counter. Dodger makes it hard to see when helming the boat. Otherwise we had a great trip and enjoyed the boat and of course the weather.
08/17/2012 Morning Light  36 Ft Catalina 4 5 5 The Morning Light is probably the best rigged sailboat I've sailed on. What a dream.  Roger, you should be proud of her.  Your crew maintains her well.  The engine is very clean. We checked the fluids.  Give me 2 hour with a sander and a plane and I could make the doors so they could close and open properly.  The main sheet cam cleat needs a block under it so it is easier to cleat.  Maybe a 1-1/4" shim.  The girls had a hard time cleating the main sheet.  One other thing, there was a gotcha midship on a gray stripe.  I don't remember at checkout.  We were never near any thing or any body to get slammed like that.  For what its worth.             Marty
09/08/2012 Na Zdravi 4 5 5 Fuel tanks were not full (took $150 worth to fill them), offered to give us access to the boat at 2:30 on Friday, couldn't get us on before 7 pm. Pre cruise safety briefing was great, Saturday am coaching on boat handling was great.  Boat was very good, nice and clean.
09/15/2012 Na zdravi 5 4 5  
07/28/2012 Naz Dravi 4 4 4  
09/08/2012 Puffin 4 5 5 Propane was nearly empty, took a while to resolve.
05/25/2012 Puffin 5 5 5  
06/30/2012 Puffin 5 5 5  
08/04/2012 Puffin 5 5 5 Very helpful, friendly and professional staff.
08/25/2012 Puffin 5 5 5  
09/15/2012 Puffin 5 5 5 The only criticisms I have, if you could call them that is; there needed to be a little better communication between the instructor and staff. He had no idea he was doing the check out with us on the boat, and the lady doing the minni check out for our sleep aboard was supposed to call us and arrange a time to do this and instead just popped in, this kept us from doing any last minute provisioning until quite late. All in all It was a great experience and I will most certainly be back.
09/25/2012 Puffin 5 5 5 We had an absolutely lovely time. Your office was very proffesional while being extremely courteous and exceptionally well informed about the boats, area and the waters surrounding Bellingham. It made us much more comfortable knowing that we had chosen an experienced company to book our charter with.   I had one very minor suggestion to the experience and did forget to mention at the check out. This would be about the nights. They were cooler than expected. We being from Alaska are not unfamiliar with cold weather and it was not a problem for us, however we would have rather used extra blankets such as a nice throw blanket or something of that source, but none were available. I did not think to request the extra blankets. I also was uncomfortable running the heater all night. Since we chose the forward birth, it happened to have the least available heat source and did make us have to run the heater more than we wanted.Yes, thinking back and at the end of the trip we realized that we could have made other choices on our sleeping arrangements to not have been in the situation.   There were 2 options of spare blankets on the boat - one very heavy blanket for the other bed & one blanket that literally was disinegrating. But again as I said this was basically a minor issue.   What would be a suggestion of solution is to have a light weight fleece throw or 2 on the boat as options so as not to have to have a heater run throughout the night.  That being said, we had such a great time and really liked your company & staff.   We are looking to buy a sailboat of our own and in our search will be trying out different ones. We will be planning a trip in April and will always book with you if we come to your area.  Thank you very much for making our adventure a memorable and safe one - we will see you next time,  Respectfully,  Kari & Lou
04/21/2012 Raven 5 5 5 BZ
06/23/2012 Raven 5 5 5 It was great that the boat was available to us before the afternoon captains meeting as we had to turn in our rental car and had no place to store our stuff.  Especially since it was raining, that could have been a problem.  Maybe you can arrange some storage space at the yacht club.  Access to a refrigerator would be wonderful.
06/30/2012 Raven 5 5 5 Better trash can would be nice. Larger/place to secure it?
08/11/2012 Raven 5 5 5 1)  Holding Tanks:  Raven was the first boat that we have chartered in 6 outings that we felt had sufficient holding tank capacity to not have to dump in mid-channel somewhere.  We continue to wonder why the boat builders don't take this issue on and provide holding tank capacity consistent with 4 or 5 days on the water for the number of people aboard, rather than fitting the smallest possible holding tank that forces the dumping of raw sewage into the waterways at numerous points in a charter.  2)  Dinghy motor:  The small Honda dinghy motors in current use are extremely noisy motors.  Because of the ultra loud motor, we felt obligated to operate the dinghy motor only when others in the bay were obviously up and about and most likely would not object to the noise.  3. Dinghy motor:  The one on Raven performed very poorly over the week of our charter.  The only way that we could keep the motor running was to continually work the choke and the throttle regardless of whether the engine was warm or not.  I speak from the experience of having operated motors with chokes for over 50 years - this was not acceptable.
08/31/2012 Raven 5 5 5 The outboard motor on the dinghy was pretty unreliable. We could have used some pens and pencils. Otherwise, it was absolutely great! Thank you for a great week.
09/01/2012 Raven 5 4 5 Barbeque hose and regulator blew up caused major fire and caught 1 guest sleeve on fire. put out sleeve and turned off propane tank to shut down fire. Hose and regulator replaced. We saved the steaks!
09/07/2012 Raven 4 4 4  
09/07/2012 Raven 5 4 4  
09/15/2012 Salas 5 5 5  
05/16/2012 salus 5 5 5  
06/09/2012 Salus 5 5 5  
07/14/2012 Salus 5 5 5 The total briefing was too long.  Could it be condensed to 1-1.5 hours?
08/10/2012 Salus 5 5 5 Invite all members of the crew to attend the orientation discussion and the boat check-out to maximize familiarity with all mechanical and navigation issues.
08/25/2012 Salus 5 4 5 San Juan Yachting has always been a pleasure to charter with.   Salus was good to sail however the sail jammed and it took us about 1/2 day to correct then the plotter screen went out in the cockpit.  The boat was not quite appointed as nicely as Firefly, Just Fiddlin and Illumine, boats we have sailed before with San Juan.   The cushions in the cock pit area are stained and really need to be replaced.  Overall, these were minor details that we noticed because all of our other trips have been flawless!  Thanks for another memorable year in the San Juans.
05/26/2012 Sea Eagle 5 5 4 Large leak from heads, luckily found just as we were departing and sorted. Engine poor at starting.   Enjoyed trip.
06/06/2012 Sea Eagle 5 5 5  
06/30/2012 Sea Eagle 5 3 4 The boat sailed well and was a lot of fun.  Some of the switches on the electrical panel were a bit finicky.  The motor is hard to start but once online ran well.  This was our second charter with you.  Last time we took out First Kiss.  We were spoiled by that.  Sea Eagle was a bit small for our crew but when we signed up for the boat I was just Teresa and I plus the cat.  Can't blame the boat for the extra people.  Thanks for a great time and we will be back soon.
07/27/2012 Sea Eagle 5 4 4  
08/03/2012 Sea Eagle 5 5 5 Amazing Experience!  Great Staff & Briefing.  Staff prepared us well for a radically different sailing experience compared to east coast sailing.  Thank you.
08/11/2012 Sea Eagle 4 5 4 Since sail boats use so little fuel (11 gallons all week) provide an option where the skipper can pay a flat fee (say $75 to $100) to be excused from refueling upon return and eliminate the big congestion & stress waiting for their turn behind the motor boats at the fuel dock on Friday morning.  This would make the trip immeasurably more enjoyable.  We elected to come back Thursday afternoon just to avoid this issue but it caused us to miss out on the last night at anchor at Pleasant Bay.    The safety briefing was excellent (by far the best I've been to) and Rick Sales was awesome on get us checked out with Sea Eagle.  You guys are top drawer all round....but the best is your prayer for everyone's week of sailing. Keep up the great work.
08/31/2012 Sea Eagle 5 5 5 Had a great trip from beginning to end. The boat worked great with few issues noted and addressed.
09/15/2012 Sea Eagle 5 5 5 This was our 10th year chartering with SJS. Usually, every winter we go somewhere warm - Caribbean, Bahamas, etc. and charter. We have yet to find a charter company that offers the high degree of customer service and quality boats the SJS does. Thank you for everything! We'll be back next year.
04/21/2012 Sea Hawg 4 5 4  
08/03/2012 Sea Hawg 5 5 5  
08/03/2012 Sea Hawg 5 5 5 Really impressed by San Juan Yachting. Will use you and recommend you in the future. Sea Hawg had a couple mechanical issues that keep me from giving 5 stars.
06/15/2012 SEA OTTER 5 5 5 Skipper's meeting outlining danger zones really useful as was the chart marking good anchorage locations.
08/03/2012 sea otter 5 5 5 I've chartered with NW Explorations, The Moorings, and a few others several times before.  You guys really have it together!  Great job.  And Danelle did a really excellent job of the boat check-in bye the way.  I really think she deserves a pay raise.
08/17/2012 Sea Otter 4 4 4 Better PFDs and working handheld radio would have made us feel more secure.
08/17/2012 Sea otter 5 5 4 The boat had some safety and mechanical issues which should have been addressed over cleanliness. After reporting these issues I was not clear that anything would be done to resolve them, but if I needed more towels I'm sure that they wild have been provided ASAP.
09/07/2012 Sea Otter 5 5 5 Couldn't imagine a more organized charter group.  One hundred percent happy with our experience!
09/07/2012 Sea Otter 5 4 5 The experience with the head was not my favorite.  It is a little small and the air intake vent was clogged.
09/07/2012 Sea Otter 5 5 5  
09/08/2012 Sea Otter 5 4 5 We enjoyed our charter experience with SJS very much.  Thanks!
07/20/2012 Sensation 4 5 4 The prayer at the end of the briefing was a little intrusive.
08/04/2012 Sensation 5 5 5 First time with furling main - I am spoiled  the wheel is so large it is inconvenient to get to back of the boat - minor gripe.
08/12/2012 sensation 5 5 5 water heater never worked the entire week.
08/17/2012 Sensation 5 5 5  
09/08/2012 sensation 5 5 5 1) stated radar not on boat  2) chart plotter poor  3) Parker very helpful when oil pressure sensor broke.  4) pedestal  VHF battery dead  5)We had great weather but is often the case not enough wind. thanks
06/05/2012 Serenity 5 5 5  
06/30/2012 Serenity 5 5 5 Need more carts on the docks to get stuff on and off the boat.
07/14/2012 Serenity 5 5 5 Lots of people during our trip asked about Serenity and we told them we might be a good idea to have a few of your business cards and/or brochures on board to give to prospective customers.
08/03/2012 Serenity 5 4 5 Serenity is fantastic; but to try and be constructive I'll offer two notes: First as with any complex system she can be a little puzzling now and then; particularly the electrical is difficult to comprehend when running on House batteries; and we managed to de-prime the shower bilge pump so perhaps a run at the documentation might help future charter guests who -- like us -- are rather inexperienced. Also the heads were a bit aromatic; but realizing that's often the case it was nothing we couldn't cope with. Now let me finish on the positive note: Serenity's engine never ever does anything except run; and this is something worth pointing out and celebrating. The autopilot is great, the amenities are great, we slept soundly every night, and we loved calling her home for the week. Also absolutely enjoyed the (second time around) experience knowing much better what to expect, therefore more able to relax and enjoy; and so we are huge huge fans of San Juan Yachting, planning to return next year and again after that; thanks so much to you all for everything!!
08/30/2012 Serenity 5 4 5 We will be back...even if it is only to say hallo to Danelle
09/08/2012 Serenity 5 5 3 Staff great, boat great,safety briefing over the top. We almost cancelled on the spot. It took a lot of fun out of the cruise !
08/24/2012 Shell Y T 5 5 5 We had a great time... Thank you...
07/28/2012 ShellyT 5 5 5 Amazing difference in the experience this year vs. chartering the same yacht last year.   100% improvement in cleanliness of the boat and attitude of the employees!
07/26/2012 Shell-Y-T 5 5 5 No Suggestions. Boat performed perfectly. Dock crew made everything right and ready. First class operation. Looking forward to another Cruise.  Riches
05/05/2012 Slipstream 5 5 5 Had a great time.  Staff was extremely helpful.  I will definitely do it again.
06/05/2012 Slipstream 5 5 5 Excellent as always!
09/01/2012 Slipstream 5 5 5 This was our 4th SJS charter with Jim and Deb Cooke. All 4 charters have been great and what memories. The Fri. night check in, boat check out, orientation meeting, safety briefing, etc. get a little hectic but I don't see how that can be avoided. This year, to make the experience/trip less rushed we chartered for two weeks rather than one. Still didn't get enough. May have to make it 3 weeks next time.
09/15/2012 Slipstream 5 3 4 Head flushing system needs more explanation in owner's notes.  Cockpit stereo speakers are blown and need to be replaced.  This boat was perfect for us.  Lots of room, big cockpit and beds that accommodate tall, large men.
09/21/2012 Slipstream 5 5 5 This boat, while beautiful and well equipped, was almost too well equipped. We always bring basic things with us when we sail. There were so many assorted and numerous things aboard that it was hard to separate ours from theirs. I think it would be more helpful if the things on board were more predictable. Take things away that are not mentioned in the charter would make things simpler and I found that even without our things, there was so much STUFF that it was sometimes hard to find what we needed. Other than that, the boat was in excellent condition and had a full compliment of equipment. (The problems with the motor on the dinghy was mentioned in our comments after the charter). We very much enjoyed our sail and especially appreciated the help we received from Parker and the totally positive checkout we had from Len. We'll be back.
06/06/2012 Sundance 5 5 5 There was an issue with the engine possibly leaking oil on the last day of the charter. Otherwise the mechanical condition of the boat would have been five stars.  As always the staff and crew were great. High praise all around.
06/15/2012 Sundance 4 5 3 I was a guest on Sundance, chartered by John Rimel, ASA certified in 2011 along with Alan Stark. WIth 20+ years of sailing/racing between Seattle and the Gulf islands, plus 5+ bare boat charters in tropical waters, I have a realistic perspective on; chartered sailboats, performance, staff & conditions. I would rate my SJS experience as average, with a couple bumps. 1) The engine was underpowered for the boat. On motor days, we consistenly arrived behind every other boat. The real problem become evident on Sunday crossing the strait. Under power, the boat could not move forward due to current and wind. Tough conditions, but it was a 12 hour crossing for us. Initially, the engine belched black smoke for 5 min, and we were directed to put the sails back up to proceed. In 35 mph winds, that was not a safe option. When reporting the smoke, the answer was 'that's strange'. For 2+ hours, we made NO speed over ground. 2) More important, once we reached Cattle Point (~ 2 hours behind set schedule due to no adjustment from northern Shaw anchorage) there should have been advice on the nature of the crossing. The tide, the current and the high wind were already in place. For a flotilla supporting novice to mid level skippers/crew, the decision to head into a SJ anchorage seemed prudent. In all, it was an extremenly difficult and dangerous day. I have never feared for my life on a sailboat - ever. Given the lack of experience on the boat, the thought did occur to me at one point. The remainder of the week went more smoothly, and I think highly of Roger and his tireless and cheerful management of a diverse group. What I learned from this experience is next time, I return to the BVIs with a tried and true boat of friends to hang in the sunshine and warm water! Moorings will get my money going forward.
07/06/2012 Sundance 5 5 5 Line bags for the boat.     Couple of cup holders. Ones below the pedestal are pretty useless.    Overall it was the best chartering experience I have ever had.  The boat had some mechanical issues but spares and advice where right at hand allow us to make a speedy repair.     Owners notes and boat inventory lists were excellent.  I have never been better informed about a boat than I was about Sundance.      The "Sail the San Juan's prep class" was excellent and worth the time.    Provided charts made danger areas and good anchorages easy to pick out.     The boat was completely outfitted with several helpful cruising guides and the chart talk with Rick about our specific sail plan before departure was very helpful.     Looking forward to our next charter.  Would recommend SJ sailing to anyone who asked.    Rich, NSO - Sundance 
07/06/2012 Sundance 5 5 5 Great charter!  We had a wonderful trip.  San Juan Yachting runs a class charter company - one of the best!
07/14/2012 Sundance 5 4 4 San Juan Yachting is terrific! This is my fifth charter with SJS and your team (like a fine wine) just gets better with time!    We'll definitely be back for more...    Scott (feel free to use me as a reference)
08/16/2012 Sundance 5 5 5  
09/15/2012 Sundance 5 5 5 I love San Juan Yachting ~ I am working toward achieving my captains license in with the aspirational goal that I might someday be an instructor with you!!
06/16/2012 Sundance 5 5 5 I think Sundance needs some work. Gave you an extensive list of problems, most minor but still disconcerting to a rookie crew and captain.
07/06/2012 Sundance 5 5 5 Best charter company I have ever worked with.
04/14/2012 Tsirku 5 5 5 Love San Juan Yachting!
05/24/2012 TSIRKU 5 4 5 The SJS group was great...especially Danelle (sp?) who really went the extra step. The pre-sailing meeting & safety meeting was very informative as put a lot into perspective especially for those of us who hadn't sailed much before.  Unfortunately the boat had a few problems...the main sail would not go up without brute strength by the men on the boat.  They tried a couple of things but it didn't seem to solve the problem.  There seemed to be a missing section of the bimini which we could never find.  Then some minor ideas we all came up with to make the stay in the boat more a retracting clothesline would be good to hang wet towels, etc.; a different countertop to prevent the kitchen sink water to be contained instead of running onto the floor; some new bed mattresses would be a little more comfortable; we jerry-rigged a towel using duct tape  over the hatch door at night so we could walk out without having to use the wooden door cover, but a way to hang a curtain would be a good idea.  But all in all, we had a great time.  Thanks.
05/24/2012 Tsirku 5 4 5 The mainsail could not be raised all the way to the top without extreme physical effort  You might want to look into this
05/24/2012 Tsirku 5 5 4 Mast was difficult to raise.  We couldn't find the problem, but it should be checked out. Aft cabin too small for 10 day trip.
05/26/2012 Tsirku 5 4 4 The biggest challenge my crew faced was managing to get into the cabin (under the dodger) without hitting their heads. For the sake of 6" those Tartan design folks should be hung from the yard-arms! Other than that and some light winds we had a blast and will definitely be doing it next year, again! All of the staff we met were fabulous. Thank you all for making our vacation comfortable, safe and fun.
07/07/2012 Tsirku 5 4 4  
07/21/2012 Tsirku 5 5 5 I cannot wait to charter again next year!!!
07/28/2012 Tsirku 4 5 4 Had to end charter early.  Called and left message for Rick who didn't ever return call.  One day later I called and Tim checked me out but didn't communicate to Lisa who I spoke to after departing Bellingham and was not sure what happened.  Glad I didn't have any issues requiring help!
08/18/2012 Tsirku 4 5 4 Like last year, low- and mid-level staff were very friendly and helpful but the senior management was stand-offish when approached one-on-one and seemed annoyed by our question about a piece of equipment on the boat (I went to the office with a question around 8:30, when the senior folks were sitting around talking amongst themselves.)  We had the same experience with a late question/problem last year when we went to the office around 8:30 or 9:00.  It is the senior manager(s) that cost a star on staff helpfulness; the people actually doing the work and making the arrangements were great to work with and we loved Tsirku!  The boat was very clean and mechanically was in good condition when we arrived on-board.  Overall our experience was positive and we expect to return another year as a charter customer.
08/25/2012 Tsirku 5 4 5 I look forward to chartering with you again, and would love to have the same boat again.  She was wonderful.  I GREATLY appreciate that you still offer the security deposit as an alternative to the daily insurance rate and allow full check out on the evening before.  Thank you.
09/15/2012 Tsirku 5 4 5  
09/22/2012 Tsirku 5 5 5 Delightful experience - thank you and the owners for keeping Tsirku in such great shape.  Jim
08/11/2012 Tsurku 5 5 5 As usual, great job and thanks to SJ Sailing
07/20/2012 Tug Time 5 5 5 We would charter through you again and recommend you to others.
09/01/2012 Tug Time 3 4 3  
05/26/2012 Tug Time! 5 5 5 SJS is top notch!  I will always consider them 1st for my chartering.  Vessels are always expertly equipped & maintained.  Staff is outstanding & always ready to help.
06/06/2012 Tug Time! 5 5 5 Tim did an excellent job getting us started and assisting with our plugged raw water inlet.  I didn't feel that we could have been any more careful in the little eelgrass and kelp we saw, but still plugged. Per Aaron, you and the owners may want to consider the hull and raw water strainers system. There may be a better solution. I'll be back!
07/06/2012 Tumbleweed 5 5 5  
08/24/2012 Tumbleweed 5 5 3 Rudder failed.  I had to call twice to get help.  I spent a day working on it with Hal who was awesome.  I didn't ask for anything.  I was offered a 1/2 day without asking, but I honestly felt like it was a little light since it took a day out of my trip and I did hours of work on the boat.  I would have offered a free day or an upgrade especially since I'm a repeat costumer and it was my second charter this summer.
09/01/2012 Tumbleweed 5 5 5 Previously reported: Rear steps down into salon from stern deck collapsed when a poorly done previous repair with too short screws pulled out of the particle board. Four mis-matched screws and some wood filler was not adequate to support my 152lbs. A cut and large bruise on forearm resulted. Tim saw this upon our return. I made a proper repair with longer stainless screws to make steps usable .Round bottom dinghy was too unstable for us to try a second time. Lifting motor off railing down to swim platform then to transom of dinghy even when still fastened to platform was too risky for me with only two hands. Upon starting, the motor is in gear which adds to the problem. We had to stay in marinas rather than anchoring out .Has anyone from SJY actually tried doing this operation outside of the marina?  This size Nordic Tug is perfect for us so we were  very disappointed with this charter.
05/16/2012 Wave Dancer 5 5 5 This is the 4th time we have chartered Wave Dancer and about the 9th year with San Juan Yachting, so that kind of says it all.    Tell Roger thanks for the wine again and for be so kind and generous.
06/15/2012 Wave Dancer 5 5 4 1. Our furling line got disconnected from the furling mechanism.   2. When pumping (just pumping both wet and dry) the head the entire boat stinks up.   3. The wind vane and speed meter broke off.
09/14/2012 Wave Dancer 5 5 5 Your team did a great job, our experience was excellent and we'll definitely be back again for additional charters in the future.  Special thanks to Parker who did a great job of checking us in and out, and special thanks to Roger for giving a great orientation/briefing and a personal heartfelt bon voyage - God bless him.
05/25/2012 Wave Dancer 5 5 5 Great charter, great company!
09/22/2012 wavedancer 5 5 5 Very pleased
09/14/2012 Weak Moment 3 1 4 It would have been nice to be able to board the vessel during daylight hours instead of at 9pm.  Having sheets, pillowcases, towels, & paper products before 11pm would have been nice.  Due to the late schedule we were unable to have a proper inspection until morning.  Finding used bobby pins & hairs (all types) in the floor & shower is not acceptable.  However our experience with John Hayes was exceptionable.
09/01/2012 Wind Dancer 5 5 5 We loved the Wind Dancer - it was easy to sail for a couple of novices with only a few problems. Your school and charter services are well organized and helpful.  We'll be back!
10/05/2012 Wind dancer 5 5 5 The staff was great. My wife and I really found rick sales safety briefing very helpful. The staff is great and went the extra step to make sure our charter experience  was wonderful.
07/07/2013   4 5 4 The portable radio did not seem toworm well.  Many marinas indicated they responded to my calls,however I did not hear them
    5 5 4 Are only problem was the electric windlass.  It was difficult to manually retrieve and I felt like a safety hazard
    5 5 5  
  Firefly 5 5 4 Firefly had fuel line trouble.  While we loved sailing her, this was nerve wracking for the skipper.  We have enjoyed sailing with San Juan, and the crew had a great week.
  AVERAGE 4.81 4.73 4.78  

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